Comanus Rising Podcast – August 14, 2016

In this episode of the Comanus Rising Podcast we talk about the week in gold and gold stocks, the $5 billion gold dump at high noon on Friday, a few stocks to research and then news on the junior exploration stocks this past including: West Red Lake Gold – RLG, West African Resources WAF, Almadex Minerals AMZ, Goldstar Minerals GDM, First Mining Finance FF, Colorado Resources CXO, Gold Standard Ventures GSV, Pure Gold Mining PGM, NuLegacy Gold NUG, Gold Reserve GRZ, Renaissance Gold REN, Sirios Resources SOI, Klondike Gold KG, NexGen Energy NXE, Inventus Mining IVS

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4 thoughts on “Comanus Rising Podcast – August 14, 2016”

  1. Re: NXE, you said a possible 10 bagger if you got in early… is the valuation good now, and at current prices, perhaps a 5 bagger? Looking forward to your thoughts.

  2. Ever thought of doing a investors newsletter? Maybe one will you introduce companies with possible big potential and comment on them but not to the point where you have to hold their hands with buy and sell alerts. I know your now talking about a new find ( on CEO ) and why give the name out for free?

  3. Hi Robert. I’ve been considering it and may go that route but first need to get a feel if there is a enough people willing to go that route. Maybe someday. Thanks for listening.

  4. Hi WR – I think a 5 bagger from here is possible in 18-24 months when the uranium price finally starts moving higher.

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